Misplaced (aerodrome) observations

  • It appears that you are using an outdated database for meteorological reporting stations. A specific example would be that METARs for ENFB are geographically positioned in Oslo on the position of the old airport Oslo-Fornebu, which used to have the location indicator ENFB. It was closed decades ago and the location indicator is presently (since long) assigned to the Statfjord B off-shore heli deck in the North sea! Another would be ESKS which since 05DEC2019 is assigned to Sälen Scandinavian mountains airport, but is displayed in Windy on the location of the former Airbase Strängnäs which has been abandoned and disused for decades too. Location indicators needs to be purged from databases as they are revoked since the designators will be reused for other sites. ESKS e.g has been used in turn by three different aerodromes; Karlstad in the 1960s, Strängnäs in the 80s-90s and now Sälen.

    Regards, Claes

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