Windy does not give the right values of the storm Fabien

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    Meteo-France gives winds over 100km/h when Windy shows half

    Meteo-France vs Windy


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    Hello @Philippe68,

    there is a difference in layer Wind and Wind gusts -

    Wind layer - is average wind speed 10 meters above the surface (or at a selected pressure level). Actual wind at the ground is influenced by many factors like mountains, cities, convective clouds and thermal effects.

    center_00e441a3-bafe-4dc9-8251-078e3fea73eb-Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 10.10.10.png

    Wind gusts layer - Wind gusts 10 meters above the surface in the last 3 hours. Actual wind at the ground is influenced by so many factors like mountains, cities and thermal effects. ECMWF model has a different method of Wind gusts computation, resulting in higher values than other models.

    center_8bb618b1-950f-40ed-8c6d-9d0868daf087-Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 10.10.16.png

    I think this might be a reason why you saw different values.

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    The storm Fabien was perfectly predicted on Windy. You must know that Windy shows only what weather models forecast.
    As @Korina explains, you cannot compare Wind which is the averaged wind over 10 minutes with a map showing gusts (rafales).
    Then you probably compare the ECMWF model with AROME. This model is also available on Windy. So if you want to make comparison it is better to use the same weather model.
    At last, on the map you shown, the wind field is the maximum gusts predicted from 00:00. This information is also available on Windy as Wind accumulation.
    As a conclusion to compare the map from Meteociel (the map is not from Meteo France, only the data) you should have selected on Windy:
    Model: AROME
    Layer: Wind accumulation
    I took this screenshot just before the maximum gust episode of storm Fabien. The model is ICON and the layer is Gusts. (Colors are customized colors). You see that 163km/h was predicted.


  • Thank you Korina and idefix37 for these explanations
    I did not know these settings possibilities

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