• I'm confused as to the depicted weather off the Philippines shows a TD/TS with winds less than 40 MPH. However, several other official sources seem to agree with the readings of a Typhoon Cat (130+ MPH) and getting larger (Cat IV). Additionally, rain amounts are totally wrong. Finally, I can personally verify this since I live there! WTF?

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    Hi @SilverEagle,

    I may point out for you one recent post, which had a similar question regarding wind speed - Difference between Wind and Wind gusts That might be probable reason why you see different values.

    This is current screenshot from Rain layer, values for rain are quite high. Did you mean those amount are wrong?

    center_6d8805ec-6bc4-48ff-b535-4ffac122fb7c-Screenshot 2019-12-24 at 11.56.36.png

  • @Korina When I sent the original message about 24 hours ago, the wind and rainfall amount were being reported as very low; 26mm / 61kph. In reality, the actual numbers were 200+mm / 170+kph where I live. These numbers were supported by several official reporting agencies as well as my home weather station, Davis Vantage Vue System. Respectfully, your numbers were WRONG!

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    Hello @SilverEagle, it is also essential if you looked at forecast or reported wind, the values may vary. Furthermore we do not create forecast, we visualize weather data. I would recommend to compare several models ECMWF, GFS and other local models together and see potential weather development.

    All the best to the New Year.

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