• Apparently, when I was trying to add my PWS to windy.com somehow I've got two of them. One is listed as EW9532 & the other is E9532. Can anyone tell me how I fix this?

  • Meteorologist

    There is no issue. EW9532 is your CWOP ID and E9532 is your MADIS ID. The same station has different identifiers because of how the different databases are utilized in the various network databases.

    As you can see here in the title page both IDs are referenced as they are the same system.

    Windy automatically shows CWOP stations via its MADIS ID. If you manually add your station to Windy then you will be shown by Windy that there is a duplicate station. What Windy means is that you manually added yourself to their service but they were already pulling your data from MADIS from your CWOP station. Which is to mean that if you already have your station on CWOP there is little reason to also manually add it to Windy. There are however some reasons to still add your station to Windy even if you have a CWOP station. The biggest reason is because there is a greater delay when Windy pulls data from MADIS, whereas if you upload directly to Windy then your data is more current (up to 5 minutes max delayed). Even if you upload to CWOP every 5 minutes, the fact that the data is pulled from MADIS makes it more like 10 minutes delayed.

    There is nothing you need to worry about.

  • Very Good! Thank you! Happy New Year!

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