• Newest data from NASA indicate that the global mean sea level rose by 41.8 mm this decade -- minimal as it seems, but can already have a big impact for those living in the coastlines or below sea level!

    photo:Eart Shaker;desc:NASA Sea Level;

    The decade started with 53.1 mm of sea level rise (as compared to 1993) and saw some fluctuations throughout the years, however, the trend consistently shows an increasing trend, and we're ending this decade with 94.9 mm.

    It won't be surprising to see this number to breach 100-mm level in the early 2020's due to the continuous melting of the ice caps, thermal expansion, and other factors contributing to the sea level rise.

    As an archipelagic country and with major cities located along the coast, the Philippines should really take note and prepare for this, especially if we go with business-as-usual activities.

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