• My location is saying that I am in a town 10 miles away. Any of the other weather apps. that I have, located me just perfectly. This is my second attempt to document this, the other disappeared, why? Are you concerned? Will you ever fix this?

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    Hello @XaviorvorteX, you have three option how the App can display your location:

    • by IP address
    • by GPS
    • by custom location you can set manually

    Which option do you use please?

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    Hello, I am using desktop windy windows 10 with paid Windy subscription and I am having the same issue. GPS is wrong appr. 5 miles out, IP is way off several counties away and there is no way that I can find to actually put in my address or lat/long coordinates. This would be a huge improvement to this service. Especially with Dark Sky being sucked up by Apple. You may get more subscribers that way. Is this in the works, am I missing the boat or its not an option.
    Thank you

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