which maps need I download

  • Hi,
    I have a problem with windy maps accuracy.
    When I'm online all maps unfold like I want to see them.
    However when I'm abroad, have no internet connection and zoom, there is no map.
    Not downloaded.
    How do I get to know which maps are not yet downloaded?
    I do it at home by closing down both internet and WiFi connection.
    Only now I can see what is not yet downloaded. (see screenshot)alt text

    This is organised much simpler in Maps link text
    When I zoom in on an area that has not yet been downloaded yet I get the opportunity to download that part of the map.

    Why I want this in windy maps is because when I plan a trip on bike let's say somewhere in France I'm unaware how the region's are named that I need to download.
    When the option of common and downloading is present it will be simpler.

    Sometimes the map, the trails to be precise are 'polluted with tracks, waking tracks, biking tracks)
    It's there an option to only show biking tracks or only walking tracks or even no tracks at all?
    (Excuse me in advance if I didn't read the manual good enough)

    A wish:
    Could you add the option to display 'knooppunten'
    'Knooppunten' are a way of navigating in Belgium, the Netherlands and part of Germany.
    Very, very convenient.
    Here's a short explanation link text
    Here is a route alt text
    Here an example of some 'knooppunten' alt text
    Thank you for your attention.

  • Administrator

    Hello @HvdW,

    you can see a full list of downloaded maps directly in the app here -


    It is divided by downloaded maps and maps that can be downloaded.

    Of course, if you are online and open Windy maps, all maps will show up, cause you have access to internet connection.
    When you do not have, only downloaded 'offline maps' will be displayed.

    There is no option to display only certain type of trails or no trails at all.
    If you want navigate, you can choose a way how you will get there - (car, walking, bike) and select if it is mountain bike or road bike and so on.


    Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider it :)

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