Quero por online a minha estação.

  • Como faço pra deixar a estação online no windy stations?

  • Administrator

    Hello @Elyelson1987, you can register your station here - https://stations.windy.com/

  • @Korina já registrei.

  • @Korina já registrei! aí como faz para vê a minha estação pessoal no windy?

  • Administrator

    @Elyelson1987, do you have ID of your station? This post might help you to get a better picture about the process - https://community.windy.com/topic/8168/report-your-weather-station-data-to-windy/2

  • Meteorologist

    From your profile picture it seems like you have a Fine Offset clone type station. For that station you will need one of the following software:

    Choose one of these software:

    • Meteobridge (60 Euros) - It also requires a TP-Link travel router or other compatible hardware, unless you buy a pre-built one.
    • Cumulus MX (donation)
    • Weather-Display ($60 USD)
    • WeeWx (free open source) - but it will only work with main sensors unless you use SDR methods which requires more hardware and skill.

    These are all great software and each has pros and cons and different features. You can actually run them all at the same time.

    To connect any of the software I mentioned you need to get an Ecowitt GW1000 or a Froggit DP1500 (they are the same thing). You must make sure that the GW1000 or the DP1500 is of the same frequency as your Fine Offset clone. The GW1000 can be ordered with any frequency; 433, 868, or 915 MHz (you have to choose at time of order one of these). The DP1500 only comes with 868 MHz frequency. Technically speaking it is possible to run WeeWx without the GW1000/DP1500. The GW1000 or DP1500 really make it much easier and it is worth it for the other software choices and cost little money. The nice thing about the Meteobridge is that it doesn't require a computer as it run on the little router device. The other software though can be made to run on a Raspberry Pi which is as effective. The Meteobridge device still needs the GW1000 or DP1500, same as Cumulus MX and Weather-Display.

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