Weather radar with “lines” and radar availability

  • I’m aware that Buenos Aires (Argentina) area has a weather radar at Ezeiza international airport which is working fine but windy is not showing it but it shows others inside the country and nearby area. Why is that?

    Another question: I don’t understand the difference between normal radar images and the ones who look scratched or with empty lines.

    Also I’d like to know about the speaker icon when you look the weather radar in the bottom left of the screen

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    Hello @linkalan90, thank you for suggestion for radar in Ezeiza. We do show radars we have a data and access for.

    The difference between radar appearance is:

    1. Normal radar image

    8947a5a4-1534-4767-abcc-67b6dd4ce501-Screenshot 2019-12-31 at 10.34.14.png

    2. Outage of radar data

    6c72a411-cf26-4971-83ab-fe2f5a9c7d0d-Screenshot 2019-12-31 at 10.34.05.png

    3. Interference of radar connection, so we show the last image taken before the cut

    e2c2db46-0730-41d7-b4e2-783d25a8376f-Screenshot 2019-12-31 at 10.34.00.png

    If you mean the 'sound' switch' in the right bottom corner, then it is for lightning sound effect.

  • @Korina said in Weather radar with “lines” and radar availability:

    Interference of radar connection, so we show the last image taken before the cut

    Hello, in the province of Buenos Aires and Argentina there are several other radars that are open ... would it be possible that they also show the data? For example radar: Bahía Blanca, prov. from Buenos Aires (RMA10); Radar: Rio Grande, prov. from Tierra del Fuego and South Atlantic Islands (RMA9); Rada: Spore (RMA10); Rada: Anguil (AR8); etc... Other apps are showing these radars... thanks a lot ;)

  • Administrator

    Hello @dafonk, if you know their websites, you can state them here and we will have a look :)

  • @Korina here you’ve got all the weather radars of Argentina ->
    and also here ->

    I hope you can add it. I love Windy App it’s very complete when I perform my flight planning :)

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