• Hello,

    Please would it be possible to include "Air Quality" as a selectable option for local alerts. This criterion has an enormous impact on the quality of peoples' lives and would be a most welcome addition to an already excellent range of options.
    Thank you

  • Administrator

    Hello @Atmospheric, thank you for your suggestion. We will keep it in mind for the future since we out a great emphasis on air quality.

  • | Premium

    Similar to this request it would be great to have more triggers for alarms like mist and fog and I've seen a request for Boolean logic, AND OR NOT, around this feature also. As an hobby photographer, I'd love to know when there might be mist around sunrise or sunset for example.

    The Alerts feature was the feature that lead me to discover and it would be great to have this moved to a more prominent position as it is quite unique.

  • Hi @OwenMcn, thank you for your feedback on this. We will consider it when developing future features.

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