Problems in submitting weather reports using the custom API

  • Hello,

    I am developing an app that will allow boats (mostly pleasure boats like sailboats, power boats etc.) submit their weather reports. After all, all boats are mini weather stations with wind measurement devices, some with temperature sensors, water temperature sensors, barometers etc.

    Anyhow, following the instructions here (, I am submitting a very basic weather report like the following to test my application logic:

    $ curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"stations":[{"st0,"name":"Moonchild","lat":35.3630208,"lon":-120.8528384}],"obervations":[{"station":0,"ts":1578202286960,"wind":0.25,"windDir":133}]}'

    Then I go to to see check my stations. This page hangs (a constant spinner without any progress).

    Trying a bit back and forth, I figured this hanging is due to lack of "elevation". So I resubmit this with elevation this time:

    $ curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"stations":[{"station":0,"name":"Moonchild","lat":35.3630208,"lon":-120.8528384,"elevation":1}],"obervations":[{"station":0,"ts":1578202286960,"wind":0.25,"windDir":133}]}'

    Now I can see Moonchild listed at with ID f06d21ca and station ID 0.

    However, when I follow the arrow to check the actual weather report, I observe two separate symptoms:

    • I get a page saying "Error loading or rendering station data"
    • I get a page that says "About this station" under a map, with a spinner that is never disappearing.

    I tried adding additional fields to my submission and a bunch of other things but I couldn't figure it out.

    Any thoughts? Or if it is related, which fields are required? (Not all boats will have all sensors, so I am trying to start with the very basics, wind direction and speed)



  • Administrator

    Hello @ilkertemir, we can see your station in the system, but it has not data.
    Could you please specify what pws station and software do you use?

    Thank you.

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