Potential for improved colouring and projection model for new satellite view

  • Hi Windy and users,

    I've been using Windy's new satellite view as an additional source to determine the location of the red smoke originating from Australia's current bushfires. Unfortunately, it is somewhat difficult to discern what is red smoke because of the way the projection and colouring model works? See screenshot below, which does indeed show the smoke on the right half of the image. But it also shows redish clouds all over the map, making it difficult to see true red. Why is the red reflectivity showing on the clouds? I thought maybe this is a place for improvement. Other satellite images from Japans NICT science cloud project only shows red smoke, making it easy to spot. Thanks for any feedback!!2020-01-07 16_15_56-Windy_ Satellite - Brave.png

    If fixed, this could be an excellent tool to identify travelling smoke!


  • Administrator

    @Benj5612 Hi, this colouring is intended to determine low/high clouds. Low clouds are yellow, high clouds are blue/white. Could you please share a link to colouring that you mentioned?

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