• Hello everyone,

    I'm a researcher studying migration, and specifically the role of search and rescue operations on irregular migrant departures in Libya. More precisely, our research shows that weather explains very well the number of irregular migrants that depart from Libya every day, but also that the presence or absence of search and rescue assets (e.g. NGOs) does not seem to affect the total number of people departing.

    Here is the question: for weather, up until now I only used temperature and wind conditions in Tripoli and/or other coastal towns in Libya. However, it would be great if I could also control for wave conditions at sea. Your website is great, but it only reports current and forecasted conditions. In short, there is no archive.
    Do you think there is a way to get hold of data on wave height conditions off Libya in the past, for instance daily? Currently I am most especially interested in daily data for year 2019.

    Thank you for any advice you might want to give me!

  • Administrator

    Hello @Matteo-Villa, currently we do not provide any archive weather data, so there is no option to get a hold of that kind of data. Good luck with your project!

  • Hi @Korina, that's unfortunate. I'll try elsewhere, but thanks a lot for your swift answer!
    All the best, and keep up the great work at Windy!

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