• Would it be possible to display each standard upper air level gradient charts pleae?
    Watching upper air behaviour is helpful in understanding of atmospheric activity.


  • What exactly are you missing? You can get, say, geopotential height isolines at any level, overlaid on any raster layer:


    More advanced things like, say, vorticity advection, aren't available; but I think Windy would become too convoluted for the average user if too much was added. The only thing I'd like to see would be the ability to get the contoured isolines overlaid on a different level to the raster layer. (Then you could look at 300hPa geopotential height on an 850hPa temperature layer, for example, allowing diagnosis of thermal advection.)

  • Sailor Moderator

    On my side I would like to have a Geopotential height LAYER, not only isolines. Like you, I use the Geopotential isolines with the Temperature at same altitude. But that’s not so clear.

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