• I would like to suggest a layer that blends visibility and cloud base to forecast USA flight rules (VFR, MVFR, IFR, LIFR).

    In addition to the "heat map" it would be nice if the aerodromes' circles would change colors as well. Perhaps the circles could be halved; bottom side color coded for visibility, top side for ceiling.

    This will help pilots make quick assessments for planning and would likely bring in more downloads among the community (we are huge fans of the app as is).

    Thanks for the forum and the outstanding app.

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    Already available !

  • @Gkikas-LGPZ

    Appreciate the screenshot and reply but I disagree with your offering. Keep in mind METARS are a snapshot, not a forecast, and TAFs are only good for 24 hours out. Besides, most pilots would probably get that info from their EFB app.

    Stated a different way, I'm requesting a single button heatmap that blends visibility and ceiling; into the generally accepted four flight rules colors with corresponding thresholds... that also responds to the time slider.

    Basically devs would merge the cloud base feature with ground visibility, to create a new heat map layer, US flight rules.

    Imagine a graphical long range TAF, based on flight rules thresholds and no precip or phenomena info. A very broad go/no go planning tool for VFR pilots.

    It would be nice if the METAR bubbles also responded as described above but not necessary. It would be non-intuitive if there was a green bubble under a red cloud.

    Now if that capabilities exists already in a single click and I'm missing it I would owe you an apology. Thanks for your input however

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    Have you seen the flight planner plugin, windy-plugin-fp ? Work in progress.

    It would be cool to have vis and cloudbase combined.

  • @rittels

    I have not! I'll check it out. Thanks a bunch!

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