Ability to Filter by Chance of Precipitation, Temperature, Cloud coverage

  • It would be really nice if Windy supported the option of filtering by factors such as 'chance of precipitation', temperature, cloud coverage and so on.

    The areas which match the filter would be colored differently, and then we can zoom into them.

    I live in Pacific Northwest where it rains and is cloudy many times, but its not rainy and cloudy everywhere. Currently, i use windy to find the areas for the least rain, clouds (which might be my preferences. others may have other preferences)

    The scenario is as follows: We are planning a outdoor activity -e .g.hike, and we want to know which areas have less chances of precipitation, reasonable temperature and less cloud coverage. Then, we select Hikes in those areas.

    The same scenario applies to Kayaking, additional factors would be wind speed, waves, ..

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