The first worsening of 2020 is on the track to Mediterranean

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    immagine satellite oggi.JPG

    It's another anticyclonic day today over the Mediterranean that is still protected by a wide high pressure area as we can see the picture above.

    However, if we have a look at northwest, something is destined to change during the next weekend.

    According to the latest forecasts, the first rainfalls and snowfalls will start to approach the northwest Italy over Friday night, when colder air, coming from north Europe, will create a orographic low over Gulf of Genoa. From that, the first perturbation of the year will start to hit mostly north and central Italy, bringing with it a sensible fall in temperatures too.


    Further certainties seem to come from the graphic above, which is an esemble weather forecast. In other words, it is a set of forecasts that present a range of future weather possibilities.

    That one refers to Milan, where an important worsening is expected over next few days, followed by a drop in temperatures.


    This one, instead, refers to Lecce in south Italy, where the third decade of the month will begin wet and pretty unstable, and temperatures will come back to average (the red line on the graphic).

    temperature ridotta.PNG

    Therefore, a high pressure system will be able to reach the northwest Atlantic, between Ireland and the United Kingdom, pushing down cold air from north-northeast Europe, bringing more wintery weather to central and west Mediterranean.

    Paolo Saracino

    Iā€™m a pharmacist from Lecce, Apulia, Italy, and very keen on weather. Look at the sky, it might put on a show. Follow me on Twitter (@PaoloSaracino10),36.580,6.812,5,internal

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    @Paolo-Saracino said in The first worsening of 2020 is on the track to Mediterranean:

    It's another anticyclonic day today over the Mediterranean

    For central and west Med. Not for eastern parts of Meditteranean

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    @Gkikas-LGPZ You are right and thanks for the correction šŸ‘šŸ»

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