Name of town is not correct

  • This is in Victoria, Australia. There is a town called 'Yallourn', however this town is not called that, it is called 'Moe'. There was a town called 'Yallourn' however it was turned into a open cut years ago and no longer exists. This towns name that is displayed between Trafalgar and Morwell should be change to its real name 'Moe'.

    There is a area under google maps titled 'Yallourn' but not the whole town. In between this Yallourn and Moe is Newborough. This takes up a small portion of the right side of Moe. The Yallourn area in google maps is really only a driving school.

  • Administrator

    Hello @Scythe, please keep in mind that does not control names of places displayed in the map itself. Map data are sourced from

    If you think that some city name or place is incorrect, you can correct it by yourself on -

    Discussions about names and locations shall be directed to OpenStreetMap forum and community.

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