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  • It looks like @Marienka your post last year about radar coverage shows New Zealand as covered by radar, but upon trying it out the last week or so I've noticed that while the overlay shows "MetService" as it should (since they are the local weather data provider) it does not show any radar coverage at all. I'm pretty new to Windy, but has something happened to New Zealand coverage since this post? Thanks! Anyone else know anything about what's happening with New Zealand coverage?

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    Hi @onetrev, due to license matters, we are unable to display radar in New Zealand at the moment.

  • @Korina Gotcha, thanks so much for the follow up. If you need people to write to the MetService / NZ Government to pressure them to open up their licensing let me know.

  • Hello again @Korina ... I contacted the New Zealand MetService and heard back! They stated they are aware their weather data access is more restricted than other countries, so they are in the process of making changes. Hooray!

    Apparently they are developing an API that will make a wider range of data publicly available, specifically aimed at supporting the development of innovative weather products, It should be available later this year. Current publicly available data information can be found here:

    From what I can see though, radar data is already now available. Although not sure if that is the data that will work with Windy right now or you need to wait for their new API? Either way, hopefully this gets us closer to getting NZ radar data back on Windy! :)

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