• [Using Firefox 72.0.2 in Mac 10.12.6] Below is being done on a desktop.

    I click on the map and save a favorite. Windy.com labels it as Wood Village. My click point was not quite exact, so I click again, also labeled Wood Village. I save this too.

    After some novice fumbling about, I click in the Favorite box, and under is the list of favorites. But one more has been added, a Wood Village in another state! Not my doing.

    So I want to delete two of these 3 Wood Villages. I click on one to go to it, and it does, but the heart is open and it asks if I want to save that location as a favorite. And note again, I got to this location by clicking on a saved favorite!

    All three Wood Villages have 'open' hearts, none solid, so I cannot delete any of them. Not a good beginning to what looks like a very cool site.

    How do I get rid of two wrong locations?

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    Hello @cglenn, this is how a saved 'Favorite' location looks like and you can delete it by clicking on 'Bin' symbol or you can edit it with 'Pencil' symbol.

    10d052e9-837b-4bff-9c94-debbfb0b6411-Screenshot 2020-01-24 at 09.31.14.png

    Please let me know if you meant something else.

  • Thank you Korina. But how do I get that 'box' to appear? By box, I mean what you pasted above with Warsaw and the 5 day forecast. I can go to the map of my favorite area but I can't find where to click to make that appear so I can edit and/or delete it.

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    Hi @cglenn. then you probably mean Alert and it can be deleted by opening it and scrolling down to 'delete alert'.



  • I can't find the alert tab either. Here is a screen shot of what I have:

    Screen capture 2.jpg

    None of the tabs along the upper right, when expanded, has an alert tab. When I click in the text box upper left, below are displayed 4 sites, 2 with hearts, but I can't delete any of them. I want to delete one of the 'wood village' options.

    BTW, I got to the basic 'troutdale, oregon' page via a google search, then zoomed in and saved my home position, but in doing so, they are both called 'wood village,' and one is my first attempt that was wrong.

    Also, BTW, this is not Wood Village. That is TWO towns over, not even adjacent. It's Troutdale.

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    Hello @cglenn,

    this is where you can find and delete alerts -


  • @Korina Thank you. I'm able to get that display with the black background. But after that, things don't go as in your animation.

    I'm sorry to be a bother. I don't know the names of the areas listed below so I had to use too many descriptive words to make sure you understand what I am saying. I'm holding off on some use questions (or feedback if there are no work arounds) until I get this basic thing working.

    On the main page with the street and topo maps, along with the wind lines, when I click the three-line dropdown icon, then click on Favorites, at first two were displayed; only one of the Favorite 'wood village' and the 'troutdale' one. I deleted the 'troutdale' one and it disappeared from this favorite list. Then I re-named the correct 'wood village' one to 'My Home.' This was reflected in the dropdown box which showed the 5 day forecast for 'My Home.'

    But when I go back to that first map and click in the search box (even after refresh then log out->in), below are listed:

    1. Both 'wood village' selections were listed, and both still with filled in heart favorite status. [In the Favorite window, only one of these is listed.]

    2. There was no renaming; both are still listed identically, in name and favorite status. As I don't use Windy maps for forecasts (I use NWS for that), the display map page is where I need it to say "My Home."

    3. The 'troutdale' one still drops down from the list, now without a filled in heart. Also a fourth is listed in the dropdown, the place I never selected, another 'wood village' in Tuscaloosa County, state not specified.

    A. How do I get rid of the two wrong selections in the dropdown list?
    B. How do I get the rename to hold? At least if this worked, I'd know which 'wood village' to select from the dropdown.

    C. How do I report map errors? I see nothing to click upon. "Wood Village" is TWO cities away, not even adjacent. My address is in Troutdale. Gresham is between Wood Village and Troutdale.

  • @Korina Thank you.

    I have a well constructed reply which I was able to post, but as soon as I tried to edit it, the server said it was spam and would not post it.

    Not only that, when I re-edited the post to remove my edits, so it was identical to the original accepted post, it still said it was spam.

    So how the heck to I post a reply??? IT IS NOT SPAM!!!

    This is becoming a failure experience and I"m about to give up. I post in several forums over these past decades, and I've never had this happen.

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    I restored it

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    Hello @cglenn , if you think there are some mistakes in locations names, you can fix it by yourself on www.openstreetmap.org, since we use OSM for our base maps.

    You can edit alerts only in Favorites zone, what is in dropdown menu cannot be edited - rename your alert and press Save, then you alert, with selected location, will have name 'My home'.
    It is showed in dropdown menu, because you have searched for it recently.

    I searched for Wood Village Oregon, to save it as an alert or Favorites location, you need to click on the 'heart' symbol.


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    And if you mean the list of names below the search box, that’s not possible to clear them... unfortunately. These are not your favorites, just the locations you have searched in the search box. Your post is confusing.


  • Thank you Korina and idefix for your replies.

    First the easier one. Even though I have only one location as a Favorite, the dropdown still lists two identidal listings, both saying Wood Village and both having filled in hearts. This seems like some sort of software bug.

    So I thought I would write in various other locations in the upper-left search box, making the two Wood Villages drop down to the point they would not be listed, but no! No matter how many searches I do, the two identically labeld Wood Villages stay in the second and third positions in the dropdown. And they swap positions depending on which one I last pressed. So no joy with this issue.

    Second, the harder one, related to Korina's last post. I went to openstreetmap.org, but I had to zoom into my home because entering the address resulted in no hits (the search address has to be exactly as in the map, so while everyone around here writes "S.E." the map has it as "Southeast."

    But if windy.com is getting their info from openstreetmap, then even something more is wrong. When I entered my street number and street name exactly as listed after zooming on the map, then added my town and state and zip code, "no results found." So I dropped the city and state, just leaving street number and name and zip, it did have the hit. But the city was listed as Springdale. This is TWO TOWNS over, going the other way! Like, it goes Wood Village>Gresham>Troutdale>Corbett>Springdale.

    In sum, my favorite address is in Troutdale, Windy.com says it's in Wood Village, but openstreetmap says it's in Sprigdale. All Oregon.

    So Windy.com does not appear to be getting my address from openstretmap.com.

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    Hi, if you have 2 locations with filled out hearts, they will eventually disappear from your search. You will access your favorite locations through Favorites section, or you can always set up your default location in Settings -> Start-up location and choose it from Favorites.

    Anyway, you don't need to enter the exact address into the search bar in order to add the place to your favorites. You place the picker at the location and click on the heart symbol.

    Nevertheless, you cannot search by street number on Windy.

    _center_shadowa83a0dc9-2e91-4de8-ba60-b60545174c50-Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 09.55.45.png

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