• Hi, wonders how to read this. When looking for the new snow accumulation how should I read the 12 hrs / 24 hrs / 3 days etc . I wonder if per exemple if the 12 hrs is from the time I am watching or if it is from midnight of the same day. IM asking because if I look at my forecast they say 10 cm between 3pm and 9 pm m but if i look for the next 12 hrs they say 2.5 cm .... so when I should start to use the 12 hrs forecast if its per exemple its 10am ? For the next 12hrs or from the midnight before or at noon of the same day or at midnight .... Ive tried many way to look at it and the forecast for new snow seldom match the 12/24/3/5/12 daus of precipitation page thanks

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    from the reference time

  • Reference time being the last update of a particular model ? Ok Thanks ...why I didnt figure that out by myself :-) anyway thanks again

  • Administrator

    Hi, this is where you find reference time -

    _center_shadowScreenshot 2020-01-27 at 13.58.31.png

  • Korina thanks !! Let me ask you 2 more please ... what is the difference between the reference time and the forecast time ? Im in eastern canada , the reference time shown is changing twice a day at 00:00:00z (19Hr) and 12:00:00z(7HR). However ECMWF seems to update twice a day at 3am and 3 pm eastern time . Even if I convert the forecast time reference time and reference time , the hours dont match . Last question. For the total new snow, should I really look at the reference time or at the last update of the forecast time for the most accurate reference ? Thanks !!!!

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