Not a bug, but bug-ish?

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    I've noticed an oddity when resizing the windy app screen on my note 9 while viewing pressure. I can expand the map size quite a bit, encompassing most of the Pacific and western north America, but if I try to expand it further the size is seemingly automatically reduced each time I attempt an area increase. (In this case pinching the screen)

    I have to fully close the app before trying another resize, but ensuring to expand as much as possible first try, which works fine -- if I get it right. It's only if I fail to expand/pinch to the desired amount that another pinch causes the area to be reduced significantly like there is an elastic band snapping the area back less and less.

    I get that there is likely a maximum area view available and I'm likely bumping up against that often, but the behavior of the app can be a trifle strange.

    Thanks for this amazing app!

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    FYI, I use the maximum area view to see low pressure cells as they develop below Japan and spin across the Pacific, bringing mild temps our way. Something that's happening a lot this winter, thank heavens...

    Windy allows me to predict local temps very accurately even 10 days out using pressure modeling. Gotta love it!

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    Hello @Wrecked, thanks for the post. Would you mind to enclose some screenshots so we can see the display issue? Please also state what is your phone type and OS. Thank you.

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