10 day forecast time selection.

  • See screen shot below.


    When showing the ten day forecast, the thin bar for selecting the time shown on map gets out of sync with the local weather display below it. The time selection seems to be still using the same time scale as the 6 day forecast. This makes it very confusing to figure out if the currently shown weather on the map is actually the one corresponding to the time I care about, especially since the date isn’t shown. It also makes it, afaict, impossible to select a map time that is ten days in the future since the time selection bar run out of time....

    This bug does not affect the android phone app since it uses a different ui. It seems to have appeared about a few months ago.

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    What browser do you use please? I could not replicate the same bug as you posted here.
    We would need more details.Thank you.

  • Strange... I saw this everywhere except on Android (phone, both the app and chromium) that uses a different UI.

    Places I could reproduce this includes (all over a few versions in the past year),

    Linux Desktop: Chromium, Firefox
    IPad (mini 5): The app, Chromium, Safari

    The screenshot is from the ipad app.

    The time difference may be confusing sometimes (I was confused by AM/PM just now a few times when trying to reproduce it) so you may need to drag it left and right a few times to see.

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    I've noticed the same issue (checked both on Firefox and Chrome).

    The slider tooltip shows the correct time for the first 7 days (which consist of 8x3h segments), but starts going off track at day 8 (which has fewer segments).

    Note how the slider in the screenshot is above the "21" segment on "Sunday 2", but the tooltip shows "12:00".


  • Administrator

    @yuyichao @ejain Hello, in this case, you are right, the timer does not show correct time in comparison to the time segment of the forecast. Thank you for the report! We will fix it.

    Have a good day.

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