Multiple alerts for one location - please!

  • Hi all at Windy - great service, thanks!

    One thing that is lacking though, is the ability to have multiple alerts for a single location.

    For example, I want to know when the temperature at my local beach exceeds a certain value, but with different thresholds on weekdays and weekends. I also want to know when waves exceed a certain height, regardless of temperature. I also want to know when wind exceeds a certain speed, but with different thresholds depending on direction and regardless of temperature and wave height. All for the same location. Currently it can't be done, unless I'm missing something?

    It would also be great to have a option to set up an air quality alert, particularly given the bushfires we have in Australia right now.


  • Just make multiple alerts close to each other.

  • Sailor Moderator

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    Great idea Ben,
    I'm in bushfire area that started in September and went through to January.
    Any extra info would be valuable to all who basically, just would like to know.
    It's a fantastic app. Hope there's some way your suggestions can be implemented.

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