Widget problems - What to do

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    Dear users,

    since many of you experience several problems with the widget, here are a few tips what you can do when you notice some of them.

    Widget issues are being reported here - https://community.windy.com/topic/5909/widget-problems. Please continue reporting in this thread, it helps us with the improvements.

    When reporting, please state type of phone / OS and its version / Windy version / nature of the widget problem


    • Have the Power saving mode turned off
      Being on this mode prevents widget from downloading data

    • Don't be on Do not disturb mode
      It can also prevents widget from functioning properly

    • Have the option Background data usage or Background network usage turned on

    • Have Windy.com installed on internal phone storage
      Having it installed on SD card can cause functionality problems and glitches

    • Try to reinstall the App and place widget on screen again

    • Update to the newest version of Android / iOS

    • Update to the newest version of Windy

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    @Korina an app reinstallation solved the issue on iPhone 11

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