My API key is constantly modified after some hours

  • Hi !
    Does anybody knows why my API key is constantly altered? Is it related with the dynamic ip address of my measurements station?
    This behavior prevents me to regularly upload data from 2 met masts ...

  • Administrator

    @dfousek Every generated key is unique. So everytime you click on "show key" button, it generates a new key. But it does not matter, every generated key is also a valid key. It does not invalidate the previous one.

  • Thanks for clarifying this.
    I still cannot understand though, why, very often, I don't see the uploaded data of my site... I upload every hour, I get SUCCESS every time as return (HTTP GET protocol), but my data do not appear ....
    That's why, I thought that it was an API key issue

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    @dfousek please send me your station ID, I will check your station. Could you try to send data every 5 minutes?

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