Display weather detail in API

  • Is it possible to display the weather detail (and wind, meteogram, airgram and waves) in the Windy API? It's possible in a plugin using broadcast.fire('rqstOpen', 'detail', {lat, lon}). Trying this in the API throws:

    lib.js:77 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentElement' of null
        at Object.createNode (lib.js:77)
        at Object._mount (lib.js:57)
        at Object.open (lib.js:57)

    Do I need to somehow register the detail panel first or is it simply not possible?

  • Administrator

    Jase bojim ze v knihovne lib.js neni detail vubec uvazovan. Je to omezeny subset kodu.

  • Administrator

    Je to jak píše @ivo, z bundle API knihovny tento kus kódu vyhazujeme. Cílem API je mapa, nikoliv forecast.

  • Díky, nechám tam tedy odkaz na windy.com/lat/lon[/wind].

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