• This is the first time I am using an API and I would like to implement the Windy API in my Wordpress page. I have obtained my Point Forecast API. According to this page: https://api.windy.com/point-forecast/docs

    The next step is to: send POST request to the URL: https://api.windy.com/api/point-forecast/v2

    With the following body:
    "lat": 49.809,
    "lon": 16.787,
    "model": "desired_model",
    "parameters": ["desired_parameter_1", "desired_parameter_2", ...],
    "levels": ["optionally_desired_gh_level_1", ...],
    "key": "your_API_key"

    However, I don't get where I need to send this to. Do I have to put the URL in my terminal or in the webpage (both don't work). Any help would be apreciated!

  • Administrator

    @Emilieve Your question is very elementary and concerns the basics of web development rather than the Windy API. So I'm sorry, but this forum is for discussion specific to our API, not the basics of development. Try Stackoverflow or Google.

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