"And suddenly the bad weather disappeared," Sunny days are coming to Sicily

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    Photo by: Giuliphoto Visuals

    After the stormy winds accompanied by the bitter cold, which from one day to the next has caused temperature to drop on the city of Palermo, starting from tomorrow a new anticyclonic zone will arrive that will give us sunny days again.

    The weekend will continue even in good weather with temperatures hovering will be around 18 degrees.

    Let's see in detail what will happen in these three days.

    SICILIA METEO copia 2.png

    Wednesday, 7 February

    In the morning, the clouds will be dissolve over the whole province with temperature still below 10 degrees, but which in the afternoon due to the clear sky will increase to 14-15 degrees. From the evening, the situation will remain stable even if there will be a moderate temperature range with temperatures that will drop below 10 degrees. The winds will be calm from North-East and the seas will be slightly choppy.

    Saturday 8 February

    In the night mostly clear skies with possible thickening around the hills due to the humidity. From the morning the night clouds will be dissolve and the skies will be sunny again. In the afternoon the situation will remain stable with temperature that could be around 16 degrees. In the evening the weather will remain stable with temperatures around 10 degrees in the city, while below them on the hills.

    Sunday 9 February

    At night some possible thickening that will dissolve as always in the morning when the sky becomes clear. From the afternoon, the situation will remain unchanged with highs around 18 degrees. In the evening, however, possible thickening due to the humid currents from the Atlantic, a typical case of the anticyclonic areas when they persist for days.

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