Windy suddenly not accepting data

  • Hi,

    suddenly Windy does not accept data sent from my station via Weather display anymore. Nor is the station visible on the map. It's been 19 hours now and the message is "Latest observation obsolete"

    Sation Id: f075a04d


    When I send data directly through a web browser, I always get this message - even if no data was sent for a longer period of time:

    NOTICE: Measurements not inserted to database because cooldown time 4 minutes (time since previous insertion is 0.00 minutes)!

    Can you please check what is the problem?

    Thank you!

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    @jure_13 Hi Jure, it seems that you mixed up the station ID. On Windy Stations, you have registered Station 0. However, you are sending data to Station 1. You are sending data to Station 1 for 7 days. So I recommend to create a new station on Windy Stations and that station will get the number 1, this will fix the problem. Let us know

  • Hi Tom,

    thank you for your swift reply!

    This is very strange... I checked the string that is being sent every 5 minutes and it says "station=0". I took your advice and created station 1 and changed "station=1" in Weather display protocol. Now I have two stations but neither is receiving data?

    This is the changed string: 9bdd8ad0-9dd8-4253-88bd-541c6aa88647-image.png
    Station 0 Id = f075a04d
    Station 1 Id = 1f075a04d

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    @jure_13 I checked with our developer and the problem was on our side. It should be now fixed. Sorry for misleading you. Let me know if it works.

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