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    North Europe is getting ready to experience a stormy weekend due to a severe worsening.


    Most of Europe is currently protected by a high pressure system as the picture above shows us an “Omega Blocking Pattern”. It’s pushing rainfalls and exceptional snowfalls to east.

    However, weather is going to change drastically over the North Atlantic, that will be reached by a deep low-pressure system, coming from US and pushed energetically from the Jet Stream.

    Indeed, both Ireland and England are preparing to experience a stormy worsening. It has been called Storm Ciara, and the Met Office has already issued several yellow Severe Weather warnings for strong winds and heavy rain, in particular on Saturday evening into all Sunday long.

    photo:Pivotal Weather

    The pressure values will be so low that strong winds will hit north Europe, bringing gales, disruption, especially along more exposed areas. Gust winds over 100 km/h are forecasted.

    photo:Windy.com;desc:Wind gusts forecast;licence:cc;

    Besides, by Monday , the low will be moved westward , bringing further rainfalls and strong winds all over the north Europe, including France, Germany and Scandinavian countries, up to Poland and Russia.

    Its position, over the North Sea, will be able to pushing down colder air, causing snow showers and blizzard conditions across north Ireland and north England too.

    photo:Windy.com;licence:cc;desc:Rain/snowfall forecast;

    Meanwhile, all that will strengthen the high pressure system over the Mediterranean, where it will remain mostly dry, settled and mild.

    Paolo Saracino

    From Lecce, Apulia, Italy. Follow me on Twitter

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