Deleted Favorites keep reappearing when visiting the “Settings” tab

  • Using Firefox 72.0.2 on Windows 10
    Windy App on iOS

    I just encountered this weird behavior: After an entry saved under “Favorites” gets deleted it disappears from the list as expected. However, when switching to the “Settings” page anytime later, the previously deleted entry automatically reappears under “Favorites”.

    This happens only when the “Settings” page is visited.

    The behavior is reproducible on the Web as well as on the Mobile App.

    I am not sure if this is a bug or an account specific problem. But I would appreciate, if you could investigate this matter.

  • Administrator

    @trb033 I can see in the database you have no favourites at this moment. Could you please "reappear" the bugged fav item? It would help with the debugging. Thanks!

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