Wuhan Sulfur Dioxide Levels Abnormally High or Just Industry?

  • how to see history data on windly ... or not available?

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    Hello, it's not possible to see historic data on Windy, only the forecast.

  • @seeletw I wish we would have this historic data, but even still we would probably not be able to use this to make the connection of burning bodies as it could just be an increased coal plant output.

    I recommend to check out Wuhan on the Windy map with same color coding as described in this thread, but instead of looking at a still image, use the play button on the bottom to see how much the SO2 concentration varies based on wind direction and speed.

  • @rick1000
    It could be increased power plant or industrial output...but does that make sense considering the city is in quarantine and businesses are on shut down...? Also, the levels around the Hong Kong area are relatively low comparatively, especially considering the massive industry there?

  • @rick1000 And three iron works...I wonder why some media connect this report with the
    pneumonia in WuHan.

  • @rick1000 I appreciate your reasonable words.The area said to have a high SO2 rate also has some local air monitoring stations ,which give a "4~8 ug/m3 "date .So maybe someone is wrong.But people who connects SO2 with burning remains straightly don't care so much about it, they never ask what the truth is ,what the science is.

  • @rayatthebeach Good point. I have not seen any news that the businesses and factories there are up and running and this should reduce the current power demand.

    Also to be honest, I'm no chemist, I just remembered some lectures of coal power plants and SO2, and then happened to look at this map/model over time here.

  • I think there's a thing we may have missed to realize. Maybe the elevation is caused by the unreasonable amount of bleaching they are doing in the streets. As long as I know, SO2 is also used in bleach and could easily raise levels way up.

  • What about anomalies in NO2? An average Human body contains 10 times more nitrogen than sulphur, and they are definitely gonna escape into the atmosphere as oxides(NOx) if the body is being burned. I think there should also be a spike in NO2 if a mass cremation big enough to elevate SO2 so much actually happened. So far I haven't heard anyone talking about NO2 and I haven't seen any anomalies on that.

  • This post is deleted!

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