Storm: Sabine - Wind Speeds WRONG in Germany Feb 9th 2020

  • Sabine, WRONG, Wind, Speeds, Germany, 02-09-2020

  • On the MAP it showed in the Forcast:
    Wind Speeds between: 21 Kmh up to 41 Kmh
    I got Screenshot... Wind Area South Germany (was Green)

    Fact: It was / is so bad, Trains and many Flights canceled ?
    On the MAP-Forcast, it looked like a Rainy-Day with light winds... LOL

    If You Read the Reality (News)
    The DATA ws OFF by FAR !

    DW.DE - Reported:
    Gusts measuring over 170 kilometers (106 miles) per hour were reported in the Black Forest in southern Germany Monday morning. Weather officials said the storm would carry on for several hours, with the heaviest rains and strongest winds expected in the south.!Sturm-EU-7.jpg
    On the other Pictture I had NO Forcast on...
    But GREEN Map, should show you...
    Things are a BIT OFF !


  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    Thank you for your post, but please note that Windy does not create any forecast data but instead only visualises forecast and actual data received from various third party providers.

    Additionally you can use the search function to find other threads discussing forecast differences and why they sometimes occur.

    It's also especially important to understand the difference between Forecast and Actual data.

  • Sailor Moderator

    You compare Gusts forecast with Wind forecast. Wind is the averaged wind on 10 minutes.
    So first select Gust layer if you want to compare Windy with local weather forecast predicting Gusts. You can check also Wind accumulation which is in fact the field of maximum gusts forecast during a time period, e.g. the next 24h.
    Now if you compare the yesterday wind forecasts from 3 models used by Windy with an official weather station near Munich, you see that the differences were quite small (this comparison is only about wind but not gusts)







    1st line is the observed averaged wind at weather station
    2nd line is the forecast averaged wind

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