After hurricanes, floods and wildfires, the EU’s emergency center is now monitoring the corona virus

  • photo:@CelineSchoen;desc:EU's Emergency Response Coordination Center;link:

    The European Commission is watching the latest developments of the epidemic of corona virus at the Emergency Response Coordination Center, the same emergency center we shared images of, when it was tracking hurricane Irma.

    Céline Schoen, EU correspondent for the French daily La Croix summed it up in her tweet on Monday.

    More accustomed to monitoring cyclones, floods and wildfires, the EU Emergency Response Coordination Center, a veritable "crisis room" of the DG ECHO (The Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations) in the heart of the European quarter, is managing these days the epidemic of corona virus.

    Euronews also brought a story on a new role of the EU’s Emergency Response Coordination Center, with the attached video, where you can also look behind the scenes of the "crisis room" (see the screenshots below).

    We are glad Windy is helpful again!

    photo:Euronews;desc:Report on corona virus epidemic

    photo:Euronews;desc:Report on corona virus epidemic

    Read the Euronews story in English or in French.

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