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    It is really a weird winter over the Mediterranean where temperatures are still above average with a severe lack of rain.

    However, a quick worsening is forecasted during the next 48 hours.

    photo: Windy; desc: rainfall/snowfall on Thursday night; licence:cc

    A cold front, pushed by a low over Central Europe, will be able to lower the atmospheric pressure, making weather unsettled over Italy.

    The first rainfalls are expected tomorrow evening across north Italy, where some thunderstorms are likely too.

    photo: Windy; desc: rainfall forecasted on Friday; licence:cc

    On Friday, the perturbation will head quickly to southeast, bringing spells of rain across the southern Italy, especially along Adriatic areas. Moreover, colder air will start to coming from Balkans, generating scattered thunderstorms and bringing a light decrease in temperatures that will be closer to average.

    After that, the latest forecasts say that the next weekend will be settle again over the Mediterranean. Lots of sunshine over Italy, whereas windy conditions are expected along the Adriatic coasts due to a low over Greek isles.

    photo: Windy; licence:cc
    Meanwhile, the Britain isles will be getting ready to cope with another stormy weekend, due to a severe worsening. It has been called by the Met Office, Storm Dennis.


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