• Once again I can not say this enough BEST DAMN APP I HAVE EVER USED.

    With that being said you have an awesome selection of maps. I would love to see u add two. 1. Soil temperature map. I am a farmer and would love to see this info. 2. Road temperature map. Almost the same thing but not. Lots of data out there on road conditions or air temps but depending on traffic the road temp can be a lot higher than air temp. That would tell us if road is freezing.

    Again. Love this app and website. Very Awesome job.


    Oh and cant say enough about the ocean data with all the different wave heights, wind, swell 1,2,3, and current. This helps me plan next fishing trip.

  • Administrator


    Hello, we are happy to hear your feedback!
    We will consider adding these features in the future development, user's reviews are the best source.


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