Storm Dennis to hit Britain and Europe with very strong winds this weekend

  • Ultra-intense jet stream blowing across the North Atlantic that brought the dangerous Storm Ciara (known as Sabine in Germany) last week, produced another powerful storm, Dennis. LGPZ;desc:Jet stream across North Atlantic;

    The jet stream across the North Atlantic is the result of strong air pressure differences between Arctic low pressure and high pressure areas to the south.

    On Tuesday, the UK Met Office named the Storm Dennis, as the fourth named storm of the 2019-20 season.

    Although not as powerful as Ciara (Storm Ciara claimed seven lives across Europe, according to the BBC), Dennis is set to bring very strong winds forecast to gust past 50 to 60 mph, with the likelihood of snow and heavy rainfall. A yellow warning is in place for the entirety of the United Kingdom on Saturday.

    photo:Met Office;desc:Saturday Warnings;

    photo:Met Office;desc:Sunday Warnings;

    The Irish Meteorological Service issued the Yellow Wind Warning for Wexford, Wicklow, Cork, Kerry and Waterford (valid 6pm Wed. to 2am Thurs), and for Dublin and Louth (valid 11pm Wed. to 3am Thurs), expecting the South to Southeast winds will reach 50 to 60 km/hr gusts 90 to 100 km/hr.

    photo:Met Éireann;desc:The Irish Meteorological Service Warnings Map;

    On 12 February 2020, Storm Ines was named by the French meteorological agency, Météo-France.

    As you can see on 5-day max. winds forecast (ECMWF run) below, while the U.K. and Ireland will get hit the hardest, parts of Europe will get some serious winds too, especially Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Switzerland.;desc5-day max. winds forecast (ECMWF, ):;licence:cc;,48.951,-11.602,4,internal

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