• The route weather & time option is really very interesting when hiking in mountains, especially when weather or corporal conditions start to play a role in considering what to do next: return, continue, rest, or hopefully not the need to call for help.

    Here are some suggestions to improve this interesting feature.

    • I suggest to put a weather toggle icon on top of the navigation list instead of the switch with (imho superfluous) explanation. It’s faster, and self explaining when you hit the icon.

    • An extra toggle icon, let’s call it for now waypoint info, to display the same info, next to height on waypoint level. Height is sometimes difficult to derive from contour lines. The first icon remains interesting though when there are few waypoints.

    • Maybe join both icons into one. Tap once for route weather & time, tap once again for route waypoint weather & time & height, tap once again to put it off.

    • Consider to let the user adjust the gap between route weather points for example every 500 m in distance or every 100 m in height.

    • Consider to add a “tap a waypoint on the map to get more info”. In fact the same brief data, as above (including height of course :) ), but only for the tapped waypoint. Tap again and the info disappears.

    • Please add height to what I call info waypoints, showing now the weather forecast next to gps info. I suggest to display the same data as the route weather, next to height of course next o the info waypoint.

    • Finally, I support an earlier suggestion to add current height (maybe as an option) somewhere at the bottom or on top of the screen.

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