Wrong Location, San Vicente de Tagua Taua

  • Wrong Location cam, San Vicente de Tagua Tagua

    San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, Provincia de Cachapoal, Chile
    Location:S34°30'0", W71°0'0"

    A web cam in Chile shows and image of the Antartic station at Lat -63.320804,-57.900700

    It look like someone entered the wrong Latitude longitude for the webcam into you're data base.

    One can quickly verify this by copy and pasting the latitude and longitude into Google Earth.

    Tried to change the location using the "edit" function last week. Did not work.

    Joeyyuma.relocate-O Higens.jpg

  • Administrator

    Hello, please try submit the suggestion again and I will have a look, since I cannot see any suggested position at the moment.

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