• Yesterday, I was planning one hiking route after the other. At that point some small nuisances become gradually more accentuated and feel like inefficiencies.

    1. First waypoint = user choice instead of the default = your location

    When planning hikes or bike or road trips, WindyMaps assumes the current location is the starting position. When planning routes this is often not the case. Then the current location becomes a (small) nuisance. Certainly when you’re planning routes far away from your current location. You get a superfluous zoom out and zoom in.

    May consider putting the option per type of transport (car, bike, feet).
    In short:

    route start option, start new route from:

    • my location
    • first waypoint setting
    1. Less taps to define a route:
      The GoTo feels like a superfluous action when you don’t make use of predefined waypoints. Why not assume that each tap ‘n hold is a new waypoint? Now you need one tap ‘n hold + GoTo tap. It’s a larger nuisance then the one mentioned above. When afterwards you consider a waypoint to be wrong, you can always delete it.
  • Administrator


    Hello, thank you for constructive suggestions.

    We may consider implementing some changes regarding the route planning.

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