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    Re: Alerts


    I set up an (1) alert (id 5e407849a0a89cbc1fb4aa27) but get a multitude of alerts each time.

    At one time I noticed that I had several copies of the alert, but I deleted those from the app. Even online I see only 1 favorite/alert. Probably that is the cause, but I can't rectify it since I already deleted them...

    Can someone check, please?

    Thanks, Rudi

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    Hello, thank you for reporting this.
    Do you get multiple emails for this particular alert or for those you deleted?

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    Hi Korina,

    All the extraneous mails look the same, all with the actual name of the favorite.
    Since no ID's are included in the mail, I can't tell if they are generated by the remaining alert or have also been generated by the deleted ones.

    BR, Rudi

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    @rpmy2k I can see in the database you have 10 active alerts in total for the same place. If I understand it properly, you want to delete them all except of 5e407849a0a89cbc1fb4aa27?

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    Hi Korina, Marekd,

    Yes, that's correct. Please delete all except that ID.

    Perhaps you can also log it as a bug/augmentation to also delete the alert when the associated favorite is deleted?

    Thanks, Rudi

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    @rpmy2k Done. Thank you for your report, we will investigate it further to prevent this in the future.

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    @rpmy2k alerts and favorites are independent internally, however you can still administer the alert if relevant fav was deleted. In each alert email, there is a link for that. If you have app in czech as I do, it looks as follows...

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    Hi Kekert,

    I had seen that, but I didn't realize that that could be used to disable individual alerts. I didn't want to stop all alerts/emails as that kind of link usually does...

    Thanks, that solves the issue in case it happens again.
    Also thanks for the excellent support you guys have given me, it's greatly appreciated!

    Best regards, Rudi

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