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    Please, please, please, add the option to automatically load a plugin specified in the URL. It's annoying to always need to find my plugin in the list and open it manually. Also, it's hard to refer a plugin to other people, I need to give them instructions instead of just a URL.

    I understand that there are some security concerns but can you allow this at least for the official plugins that show in the UI?

    When doing it, please allow loading more plugins at the same time, the URL could be e.g. windy.com/?plugin=pg-mapa&plugin=airspaces.

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    I've created a poor man solution to load the plugins I always use with a bookmarklet. Create a browser bookmark with this URL (strip the newlines if need to but e.g. Chrome does that automatically, keep javascript:):

    function loadPlugin(id) {
      setTimeout(() => {
        const input = document.querySelector('[placeholder="Example: windy-plugin-hello-world"]');
        input.value = id;
        input.dispatchEvent(new InputEvent('input'));
    setTimeout(() => {
      W.broadcast.fire('rqstOpen', 'plugins');
      setTimeout(() => loadPlugin('windy-plugin-flymet'));
    }, 3000);

    Then open https://www.windy.com/plugins and click this bookmark. It will open the plugins I use.

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    Thanks, this allows me to get plugins also on iPad and cell phone which was not possible with the app nor the mobile web. As it automatically opens the app I can’t save a bookmark. So I put your post in favorite.

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