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    We are experiencing a winter mostly influenced by a strong polar vortex, pushing several deep low pressure systems along high altitudes and causing the extension and the strengthening of a high pressure system over the southern Europe where winter is missed so far.

    photo: Windy.com; desc: pressure; licence: cc

    We can see that through the picture above, where a wide high pressure area is extending from Azores to Balkans, holding wintry sceneries along north Europe, from Britain isles up to Black Sea.

    However, signs of change are forecasted over the next few days:

    photo: Pivotal Weather; desc: 850hPa Temperatures

    If we have a look at the 850hPa temperatures, we can see that a cold wave is going to cross our Continent, bringing a sharp fall in temperatures, up to the Mediterranean.

    Obviously, all that will bring wintery showers, mixed of rain and snow along the Central Europe, such as France, Germany and Austria.

    photo: Windy.com; desc: rain snow forecasted; licence: cc

    As we wrote earlier, the cold air, coming from north Europe, will be able to reach the Mediterranean, where temperatures will drop sensibly, coming back to average or slightly under.

    Moreover, weather will get unsettled, with scattered showers and thunderstorms due to the thermic contrasts. Finally, snowfalls will appear over the Alps and the Apennines again.

    photo: Windy.com; licence: cc

    From Thursday 27th, further snowfalls will move eastward, hitting the Balkans, whereas a new Atlantic perturbation will be ready to reach the Central Europe with new wintry sceneries.

    Therefore, we can really say: welcome back winter.


    Paolo Saracino

    From Lecce, Italy. Follow me on Twitter

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