Alert menu wind direction should also include arrows

  • When setting up an alert, the winds are described with direction names.
    This contrasts with the rest of the site, which completely uses various styles of arrows.
    So the alert menu should also include arrows too. Or the rest of the site should have mouseovers describing the name of a given arrow.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Because you don’t understand that?


  • OK. Here is my method to figure it out:

    1. Pick some place in the ocean with high winds.
      The animated arrows there are the clearest on Windy.
      The least likely to not be misunderstood.

    2. OK, now click the map.


    As we see, it reveals "60°" confirming that Windy names winds by the
    direction they blow FROM. (And 60 is thus close to NE (and not SW.))

    (Sure, you could say that that is standard weather practice. But we are
    not all weather professionals here, and "▶" could look like an object
    being blown by winds FROM the east too.)

  • Sailor Moderator

    You are right, Windy names winds by the direction they blow from. And this is how every one do, meteorologists too. So a northerly wind is a wind blowing from North.
    The direction of arrows on weather map is the direction of an arrow « flying » with the wind like the animated particles do (it is not the direction shown by a wind vane). Same for the wind symbols which are called wind barbs, they are a simplified design of an arrow flying with the wind.
    So you would like something like that?


  • In fact I now notice the original "pizza pie" in the image indeed has eight slices, apparently trying to express the same thing
    (that a slice pointing north is called "S"(outh), etc.)

  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    We need to be careful not to add non-standard fixes or noclomenture just to cater to users who might not understand.

    This is not a question of professionals vs non-professionals.

    Even hobbyists, in any subject, normally understand that they need to learn and adjust to the common standards used in that particular field.

    Renaming and reorganising everything in lay terms would invite chaos.

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