• A couple of times now, windy maps has stopped recording while on a walk. Phone has otherwise shown no other problems. One time the route just ended, today I got a straight line from halfway to the end when I stopped it. Using iPhone R. Great app as is Windy.

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    Hello, could you please enclose a screenshot of the straight line you got? Thank you!

  • I got the same issue when testing an old iPhone 6 (88% health) by simulating there is no mobile network. I observed the error repeated each time when the battery level reached about 70% to 72%.

    At that point the battery delivers 88% x 70% = 61.6% of its power. To put that in perspective, compared to a new battery delivering 1700mAh (rounded), this old iPhone 6 delivers only 61.6% x 1700mAh = 1047mAh. I found that info on the net (a magazine showed pictures of the battery doctor app). So it is what it is, I presume here that this info is correct.

    When I used a power bank to keep the battery level high, the issue did not occur!

    If above reasoning is correct, I presume the energy house holding of the iPhone 6 is not sufficient to support the GPS, when it drops below about 1000mAh.

    That said, in an earlier message here, it was pointed out that if the battery indicator is in low energy mode (battery indicator turns rom white to yellow), it doesn’t deliver enough power as well.

    Now, my brand new iPhone XR (same as yours I guess) does not show drop outs so far during 2.5 hours walks with mobile OFF.

    I learned from the web that the energy house holding in the recent iPhones is much better than for example my old 6, so I’m surprised you have it on your R (check the battery health level).

    However, what I observed is that WindyMaps, although I kept it on the foreground when I put the XR to sleep, has to reload when I put the XR in my pocket for a while. After a few seconds it’s back on after awakening the phone. I don’t know if that behaviour is normal, as I only tested WindyMaps. Maybe other apps show the same behaviour when not connected to a mobile network.

  • @Korina haven’t got that one anymore but today the same thing happened. It was a walk where I ended up back at the start. So it cut out twice. First is the straight line, the second is the downhill section where it decided to finish the walk.

    ![alt text](image url)

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    Hi, I cannot see you photo, please enclose it through this -


  • Sorry but I cannot paste the screenshot or the file. I do not know what your symbol is.

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  • @idefix37

    ![alt text](image url)

    Did this work?

  • @harryc

    ![alt text](image url)


    A walk today also had a problem. It was in a gorge so might have lost a signal.

  • @idefix37


    A walk today also had a problem. It was in a gorge so might have lost a signal.

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    Hi, older iPhones, especially series 6 has quite a problem with the usage of the battery and it can easily happen that you will suddenly drop from 80% to 60% within minutes (personal experience). Newer iPhones has much better durability.

    Do you have to reload Windy Maps while recording your track?

  • @Korina

    Using iPhone R about 8 mths old. I usually reduce the number of apps running when I use Windy and then only use the ‘phone for taking photos or checking the map. Very occasionally when referring to the map, the windy map app appears to load but not in the points where it has lost the signal on the tracker map. On the last walk, it ended on a downhill track where it was lose stone underfoot so the phone was in my pocket.

  • @Korina
    Yes, even with the brand new XR it happens now and then that I have to reload. It depends how long I keep te XR in my pocket. If I look regularly, WindyMaps appears to stay on the foreground, but when I don’t look for half an hour or so (a guess, I didn’t time it), it looks like WindyMaps is in the background, and I have to reload it.

    I payed attention to the following things:

    • I set location to always, since “location when in use” sometimes causes some apps to go in error (I’m not saying WindyMaps is one of them, I did not test that with the XR).

    • I swept away every other app, so that only WindyMaps was visible.

    • I disconnected from the mobile network, WiFi and Bluetooth.

    • I made sure WindyMaps is always on the foreground

    • when I don’t move, WindyMaps does not count the time (as set by me)

    XR keeps going on tracking without any problem. But note I walked in open areas, so gps failure is excluded.

    PS. Walking in a canyon or dense forests may cause gps failure as I experienced with my Garmin Colorado long time ago (Verdon canyon, and mountains with a very dense forest).

    BTW, I’ve reset my old 6 to empty, and put it out of sight 😩😊

  • @egumab
    Walk today did the same - twice. Full battery at the start, unexplained cut-out at a turn. Discovered that it was not tracking and had WindyMaps running with the screen on for a long period and held in my hand, but it stopped 10 mins after I had them put it back in my pocket. Another person in group running WindyMaps on Samson top end ‘phone recorded whole route. I’m embarrassed as I introduced WindyMaps to him. Oh well. Have taken your advice on location settings. Sometimes need internet for short while but always standing still for that. See what happens next meeting.

  • @harryc (and @Korina)
    Likewise (XR). Full battery, location always on. Tracking went on without a problem, until the last km, in a 90° turn, WindyMaps seems to have lost control. Straight line across the fields to where I live. And indeed it happens after stowing the XR away in my pocket for some time.

    Frustrating indeed. Again I’ve disabled Mobile and WiFi (not using Airplane mode). The walk back home was never closer to houses than say a hundred meter... except in mentioned turn (a coincidence?). I suspect on iPhone WindyMaps gets an unexpected trigger not happening on Samsung. Even if you put the XR WiFi in off mode, as soon as it detects a WiFi that is strong enough it tries to reconnect. Could that be the trigger?

    It could be an IOS bug. But as it also happened on my 6, which was running iOS 12, and now on the XR running the latest iOS, I suspect it is WindyMaps acting faulty based on an external trigger. Next time I’ll try airplane mode, see what happens than.

    Unfortunately there is no analytics data available in the Privacy setting (at the bottom: Analysis data) when the app does not crash, otherwise a memory dump might help the team to find out what happens.

    I had to reload WindyMaps, when I got home (as said = end of walk), so it appears to have been forced into background!

  • @Korina
    Found two dumps! Maybe this helps, see limits exceeded:
    CAB8803A-CB09-4112-9B16-17270A15D67E.jpeg 89152929-FCD4-40A7-B793-660AAA799744.jpeg

  • @harryc
    Please take a look in Analysis data, scroll to the bottom of Privacy, then select Analysis data, scroll again until you see WindyMaps, and see if you also find limits exceeded as I did, in the memory dump. I took a screenshot as you can see in previous message, so I didn’t send the whole dump.

    I found a bug report and sent it via mail to Korina, here are the first lines. 55CDD3A7-65D7-4543-B873-0B1CBDE0ABED.jpeg

    So look for JetsamEvent too.

  • @Korina


    I am unable to find a JetsamEvent for the 14th which mentions WindyMaps in the analytical data but I am not skilled in this area. I have enclosed screenshots of the earlier date (11th) for WindyMaps when I also had a problem in same place as before. I have now to stop outside activities as I live in France and must follow the directives in place.

  • @harryc @Korina
    A glitchrich tracking day. XR in airplane mode. WindyMaps running in foreground.

    The walk today delivered a tracking stop after making a 90° turn (again). I have to mention we turned from walking along the edge of a forest (South to North) into the forest (East to West). See picture 1. After a while tracking went on again, but the glitch is clearly visible.

    I handheld the XR for a while and saw the tracker going from tracking mode to non-tracking mode while I was walking and vice versa, several times. The app linked the broken pieces together, one by one of course. Note that this walk was within the forest, mainly consisting of deciduous trees, i.e. large beech and oak trees, without leaves, but also pines, so it looks possible that gps glitches are the cause. However, what I don’t understand, is that the blue tracker symbol kept following my pace, also during the time the top of the screen turned reddish (=waiting for movement). After a 20 to 50 meters, the top of the screen turned green again (=tracing movement) and the app nicely linked the blue maker to the where the tracer line was interrupted.

    No bug report in the analysis data around the events above. I see one JetsamEvent “bug type” “298” crash report, around the time I stopped the app at te end of the hike. Probably the same as the crash report I sent to Korina by mail. Note I was still in airplane mode when I stopped and saved the walk.

    Another observation: The app refuses to show the waypath ahead i.s.o. North, while another app I tried during our lunch break in the woods at the pond, had no problems doing so.

    Volger wacht op beweging = Dutch for “Tracker waiting for movement”

    After setting the app to English, it happened many times again, here is one of them. Note that the brief deviation from the path near the pond was due to me taking a look at the settings.

    Note however, that once outside the woods, at first sight there were no glitches, but I have to say I kept the XR in my pocket. I would like to test this in open field more thoroughly. Don’t know if we go in lockdown tomorrow the way France does. Otherwise, maybe a next WindyMaps adventure.

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    @harryc @egumab
    Hello, we know about this bug and our development team is currently working on the fix.
    Please be patient in the current situation.

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