Problem with windy and emails

  • Hi, I love Windy but found it annoying to get weather repports constantly whether or not bad weather entered my location. So I went to to unsubscribe only to find that I needed to login to unsubscribe, but I could not login since the system didn't accept my password or email.

    First time I used windy was through the app on my android phone.

    Now, I were subscribed meaning I must have had an account. And since it was from my android phone then it was the email account there.

    I found that I needed to sign up again for an account, using the excact same email as on my phone and I could then log in.

    Why did I have to go through all these hoops to unsubscribe?

    If you sign someone up for weather emails without them being a member - then you also need to make an option for them to unsubscribe without becoming a member first!

    If its a glitch in the app and it didn't make an account for me but subscribed me to emails i couldn't get out of unless becoming a member - then you need to fix that.

    Hope this will be fixed.

    Thank you


  • Administrator

    as far as I understand you had an account, but you can no longer log into it? Did you try to reset password, so you can access/delete your alerts? It would be the easier solution.

    Alerts can be created only if you are logged in and yes, it is possible to put a different email address for receiving alerts, than your Windy account is under.

    My advice would be to restore your original account and delete the alerts there.
    Or if you have a different account now, you can still delete alerts through the link in the alert email - 'Edit / Unsubscribe'.

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