Windy Wave model data from ECWAM and WW III

  • Hi

    I'm curious as to what kind of wave model data you use from ECMWF and NCEP? Are you using the raw model data or are you applying an algorithm before displaying the model data on I noticed a few times that the wave model data on does not exactly match up with the raw wave model data from ECMWF I can find elsewhere. Find an image from from earlier today below. You can see that the underlying map shows a southerly primary swell, however the wave rose and the table shows a northerly primary swell. Is that perhaps just a glitch or known bug?


  • Sailor Moderator

    It is possibly due to a bad synchronisation of the time slider. Try to move the time slider with the arrow keys of your keyboard.
    When you select the Wave or Swell layers and choose a location at sea, move a bit forward/backward the time slider using the arrow keys to synchronise layer particles movement, wave rose and diagram. I find that it deletes the display discrepancies.

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