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    We all are coping with a tough and surreal period due to the ”coronavirus”. But, don't let it get us down: we can help each other.

    Let’s have a look at how the atmospheric pressure might change over our Continent during the next few days.

    photo: Windy; desc: pressure distance; licence: cc

    The picture above refers to tomorrow afternoon when most of the central and southern Europe will be protected by a wide high-pressure area.
    From the Azores up to the Caspian Sea, covering a distance of 8,155.9 km.

    Consequently, rainy condition will keep on interesting North Europe and the Iberian Peninsula due to a cold cut-off.

    From Thursday, the weather is going to change gradually.
    As we can see, the latest forecasts say that a new strong high-pressure area will be able to move from the Azores toward the north Atlantic, bringing new sceneries over the next weekend.

    photo: Windy; desc: atmosperic pressure; licence: cc

    Indeed, Portugal and Spain will be facing an unsettled condition because of a system of low pressure, whereas high values of pressure, up to 1040 hPa, might set between the British Isles and Scandinavian countries.

    photo: Windy; licence: cc

    Therefore, the atmospheric pattern will be completely turned upside down. That means that colder air might start to go down form North Europe towards the Mediterranean, bringing wintery sceneries along the way.

    photo: Windy; desc: 850hPa temperatures; licence: cc

    Finally, when we write "high pressure", that does not mean that it will be mild with lots of sunny spells. As we can see the picture below, it will remain mostly dry along most of Europe.


    Paolo Saracino

    From Lecce, Italy. Follow me on Twitter

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