Cumulus MX - How to send data to Windy

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    To set up Cumulus MX for Windy is very straightforward.

    To start you need to go to Cumulus Admin interface, then:

    • Navigate to Settings | Internet settings
    • Scroll down to the entry and click the arrow to expand it.
    • Tick Enabled, optionally select Include UV, at this moment will be not displayed on web, but will be saved.
    • The Catch up option sends historic data for any gap if Cumulus is shut down and restarted. This is only applicable if you have a station with a data logger.
    • Set the Station ID, for most people with one station this will be the default value of zero.
    • Enter the API key, be careful to include it whole.
    • Set the upload Interval, this has a minimum value of 5 minutes.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

    Cumulus MX - Internet Settings -

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